Monday, April 14, 2014

Grecian Beauty...

A cool and calming relaxation area, perfect for summer or winter with a roaring indoor fire.

Its no secret that if I won the lottery the first place on my list would be the small Greek islands scattered like stars over the ocean. The national theme of blue and white, inside and out, is a sure sign from the Gods that this is the path to true tranquility and relaxation.

This beach house in Patmos Greece is a perfect example of this idyllic island style, with the natural elements of stone, wood and light!.

A tranquil white bedroom with a few blue accents.

White and stone, a lovely clean palette which can pick up some pops of color according to your mood.

A cosy bedroom can be personalized with market finds and heirloom treasures.
A natural stone floor keeps rooms cool in the summer heat.

Let the light in!

A big wooden table surrounded by comfortable seating will ensure that your evening dining turns social every time!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Summer time love....

While half of the world awakes to the excitement of Spring approaching, the rest of us slowly prepare for  winter snaps in woolly socks! Summer is definitely my favourite time of the year, as living is easy and uncomplicated, letting the outside in and creating an atmosphere of renewal and awakening.

Creating that ultimate summer home, even if you don't live near the ocean is not as difficult as you may think. The key is keeping it simple and allowing nature and light inside, doing away with clutter and selecting just a few key accessories that will define your look.

White is a timeless classic and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the season. Most people fear the use of white flooring but the impact it makes to your senses and the options it presents to stand the test of time will never be regretted. Although the chippy white floorboards are not everyone's cup of tea, another more modern and "clean" option would be screened concrete floors in the tone of your choice. Surprisingly warm all year round, this is a perfect option if you have small children or pets as cleaning is a breeze. 

Various tones of blues, combined with white also create the summer time seaside classic .
The combination of these two tones of color, sets a mood reminiscent of seaside holidays and innocence.

 Whatever your style, whether old or new, creating the coastal style has never been easier and more fun!

Double doors letting the light and fresh air flow through for ultimate summer time living. Combine old and new effortlessly whilst still keeping a fresh and clean mood!

A modern bed frame sits comfortably next to a shabby door. Using old recycled door frames in a new home instantly adds character and style without breaking the bank!

A wooden ladder is the perfect way to store your hand towels whilst adding that Mediterranean feel.

Keeping it simple is the key to creating an effortless beach style. Shabby stained floorboards, accompanied by a few blue and white accessories such as rugs and cushions and a vintage white bed frame sets the mood perfectly to relax and unwind.

Its all in the details. Small areas of wall space that is otherwise unused can create  small focal point pockets that emphasise the mood or style you are trying to create. This way you can continuously change the objects to create interest and showcase your treasures!

Converting an attic into an additional bedroom space is a cost effective way to create more space and at the same time giving the guests or children a private space to call their own.

A classic Mediterranean look that is easily achieved with very little cost. Lime washed walls with typically European display coves combined with a few key accessories and a vintage tub and voila! I just love this rug it really brings the whole room together and your color scheme can easily be updated with just a few accessories like towels and wall hangings.
Images via Pinterest - Something Blue Living

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Villa Orpheus - Mykonos

As summer approaches, my Greek island lusting grows bigger. The cool whites against the vibrant blue of the Aegean sea evoke feelings of summer and relaxation, setting the tone in a most unobtrusive and inviting manner.

A beautiful white pool provides the perfect lounging area with the magnificent backdrop of the sea. The soft grey tones of the shutters reflect the ever changing tones of the ocean and sky linking the home to its environment.
Sun seekers with style! Beautiful stoned walls and even a chapel to confess all your summer sins!
An old bench reinvented to become a reading lounger is contrasted with rustic and modern accessories such as the IKEA light for that mixed up laid back feel.

The kitchen boasts terracotta tiles which are extremely cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The colour is also more forgiving in the kitchen environment and set off beautifully with wooden and basket accessories. The double white porcelain sink echoes country living rather than stark contemporary polish.

A beautiful marble topped contemporary dining suite with Saarinen tulip chairs will keep this home timeless as they are true style icons and will never date.
Although small, the white bathroom is functional and beautiful with its large white basin and exposed shelving for towels. The beautiful ceiling is carried through the home to bring rustic chic to an otherwise neutral backdrop. 

An extensive bench scattered with beautiful cushions is an easy way to change the mood without compromising on permanent commitments. South African artist Gabriella Raafs artwork adorns the walls above, continuing the cool calm interior.
Traditional Greek white washed interior walls create a cool and calm interior.
A romantic floating curtain surrounding the bed provides another dimension to the room without expense.
A true beauty that will serve happy memories for years! This beautiful home can also be rented out for those well deserved summer vacations.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday Swoon - OSLO magic

Every once in a while an interior will sweep you off your feet. This renovation project in Norway was a dream come true for two sets of friends who both loved the city but couldn't afford to buy where their hearts desired. They put their heads (and money) together and bid on this lovely old Oslo city home with a garden. After choosing their respective floors, they each set about renovating and making it theirs!

Dining room table & eat in kitchen

The interior style resonates with a lot of younger decorators who might not have the funds to create the house of their dreams. Budgets were tight but it doesn't show in the final result. A delightful mix of eclectic and bohemian leave us wanting for more!

They saved on costs by recruiting friends and family to help where they could.

A lovely window seat to enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the garden.
 Both charming and functional the use of bright surfaces and lots of light, combined with the uniform theme of white washed flooring its resulted in a truly personal and unique style that can grow with the times with minimal updating.

Many of the original features and details were preserved, but the bulk of the renovation saw massive layout changes and clever use of design to maximise space.

A clever use of shelving to incorporate the kitchen/living.

Staying true to their personal tastes, they have both incorporated their love for flea market finds and vintage hand me downs that marry the look together.

An IKEA sofa teamed with a few designer cushions make an inviting and warm living room area. The small shelf that was carried around for years becomes one of the focal points of the room. Industrial style lighting ties in with the black modern iron fireplace.

The master bedroom with white-washed floors & bohemian influences make this truly unique and inviting.

A small corner in the room reserved for hobbies.

Beautiful tiles make this otherwise dull space quite quaint and sweet.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pristine Cape Town - Bakoven Beach

With a view like this, who would ever leave home? This beautiful wooden clad beach house is situated in Bakoven Beach, one of the most sought after addresses in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a love of collecting interesting vintage finds the owners have given this gem a personal stamp of authenticity and the results are truly impressive.

Taking the colour palette from the soothing crisp ocean view, the house becomes a home in the extension of the outside in.

A vintage table accompanied by a whitewashed wicker chair simply brought to life by the collection of personal photographs behind creates a perfectly charming corner.
White wooden cladding for the ultimate beach cottage!
African influences combined with white

Photos by Micky Hoyle via House & Leisure

Saturday, October 6, 2012