Friday, June 1, 2012

Blogging her way..

In my head I had always pictured the famous Holly Becker (Decor8) as a real life Carrie Bradshaw straight out of Sex and the City!. I imagined her single and gorgeous, living alone in New York City and blogging her way into our housebound wives camp, whilst attending  glamorous events and styling interiors for Elle Magazine.

Her amazingly inspirational blog was responsible for momentarily (on a daily basis!) transporting us back in time when we were free and wild and didn't have toddlers covered in mud tagging at our skirts while we tried to read her daily dose in peace! A place where our sofas didnt have ice-cream stained hand prints on the headrest and life could remain pretty for longer than just one morning..

As Ive slowly started to read more and more about this talented woman, the one thing that reassures me that I am not a total lunatic by signing up to her fabulous "blogging your way" ecourse, is the the fact that she is just so real, so warm and so the nicest flattering way!

She doesn't exist on diet coke and martinis, she doesn't live in the hustle and bustle of  the city that never sleeps, and she doesn't want to marry a movie-star;  in fact she is happily married to her soul mate Thorsten, works from her home studio, has a dog called Vinnie (just made that up), and lives in a small town in the middle of Germany!

Holly & Thorsten (my new BF's)
 Her genius idea to set up an online ecourse in conjunction with her world famous blog Decor8 has catapulted her into the limelight as one of the most influential women in the world on interiors.

 I am so thrilled and exited to be joining the class this June and I cant wait to get stuck in!

If blogging is not your thing but interiors are, be sure to get her incredible book "Decorate" available from amazon and all good book stores. The book, which features 1000 inspirational design ideas for every room in the house, is like a design reference bible..and a must for every coffee table regardless..

The book launch for Decorate at Liberty in London

Well, its DAY 1 of the course and I have a Spring in my step,, just hope I havent bitten off too much as my fellow students all seem like PRO's!