Friday, August 6, 2010

Farmhouse kitchens

Wood and white, another timeless classic! If colour is not your thing, then texture should definitely be! Using a variety of textures in both the white and the wood can add a magnificent richness to any space that is hard to create using purely "shopped" items.

Exposed stonework is very common in a lot of the old fincas as it is often offset with a pure white moulded rendering making it truly Mediterranean with the pale blue hues of door frames and shutters. Splashes of colour with the use of printed fabrics,  crockery or even flowers can instantly transform a basic structure into a beautiful space. The true rustic!

Formentera - the smallest of the Balearic's, but oh so beautiful! There are too many beautiful interiors to include,  but all share a common theme of rustic exposed beams, white moulded shelving and a unique style quite different to all of the other islands, I will have to feature them entirely on their own!

Shabby chic style - farmhouse does feminine, using old furniture and dressing it up with a lick of paint and few beautiful found or treasured objects will instantly add character and colour to a blank background. This is one of the easiest and most economic of styles to copy. A few pretty floral napkins or antique plates are all that are need to bring the feminine touches to a very basic kitchen. Furniture does not have to match for it to look good as a whole, the use of colour and adding splashes of brighter tones will automatically marry the two together! Easy & beautiful!
Every farmhouse kitchen should have a large centre table to work with. Reclaimed wood is a great way to add character to a basic table structure without paying a fortune for a designer piece, and at the same time creating rustic living that goes perfectly with the Mediterranean lifestyle!!!!!!! gotta love it!
Tiled splashbacks are perfect for keeping clean but at the same time adding texture and colour to an otherwise blank canvas. The Balearic's are close to Morocco and Africa, so a combination of AfroBalearic style is an interesting and often useful way to incorporate new designs and materials in an otherwise white existence, such as a kitchen, whether inside or outdoors.
Every girls dream! a beautiful white agar,, in a beautiful tranquil kitchen, a healthy salad prepared by the man of your dreams and the sounds of the waves lapping in the distance!

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