Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabric Book

 A beautiful collection and ensemble of old and new. Styled by the immensely talented Tara Sloggett from the UK
Before you throw out any of grannys fabric and dresses, have another look and see if you could somehow use a patch or two around the home. Creating your hand made lampshade is easier than you think, with everything you need at a local hardware store, the only thing left to do is match a beautiful piece of fabric to suit your room.

The one that got away, a lovely pair of vintage curtains that I just missed on ebay!
Finding lovely fabrics is however the hard task! I will be creating a special page dedicated just to fabrics where you can get inspiration and ideas.

Amy Butler - Lark

I have been following Amy Butlers rise to fame since the very beginning of her career. Her ever changing inspiring collections have slung her into world wide success and created a multi-national design company that is growing every year.

Her fresh approach to design and also bold use of colour have slowly drawn out the colourists in every one of us. Although Im the biggest fan of white, the use of bold, lush colour combinations can swing a look around instantaneously.

A small collection of her latest ranges.

More on Amy Butler coming soon..