Saturday, April 7, 2012

Once upon a time...

Side table painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - the best paint on the market!
You eventually get to a point in your life where you have to take a step back and really think about what it is that makes you feel truly happy. Setting aside the usual things we think of like our children, or our good friends and family, its the other interests in our lives that will eventually lead us to connect to the right path.

Almost thirteen years ago I had the privilege of seeing the world through different eyes. I arrived in London wide eyed and green with just a backpack on my back. Within the space of two weeks I was living in a mansion house with one of Pink Floyd's front men ( as their nanny!) I was instantly immersed into another world more stylish and beautiful than I had ever known, travelling and seeing the world through their eyes.

I absorbed as much as I could, and tried to learn as much as my eyes would let me. After meeting another style icon from New York, I enjoyed watching the transformations of  her  renovation projects, and was mesmerised and intrigued by the emotional effects of living in a truly stylish and beautiful home. 

The birth of Something Blue Living was then, almost twelve years ago as I worked from a small studio in our shared house in London (with a kiln in the kitchen and six messy boys). Spending some magical time in Montecito (California) was the key that unlocked the door, as the lifestyle and colours were exactly what it encompassed. I spent every evening  designing ceramics and creating jewellery from vintage beads that I had bought from the incredible yard sales.

I now know that all my passions, (painting furniture, ceramics,  design, writing, illustrating, teaching, magazines and interiors) have been with me since I was very young and have pointed me in the right direction, showing me the way forward. It is however not until this point (I'm 40!!) that suddenly its all clicked into place, and I feel confidence in what I do.