Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Swoon - Crouch End, London

Well, since Olympic fever is running through everyone's veins I thought it only fitting for Saturday Swoon to be from London!

 This weeks house has been lurking on my computer for almost four years now and totally encompasses the Something Blue Living principles. 

When I first moved to Majorca and almost moved into an old farmhouse, this house was the inspiration I wanted to encapsulate the essence of.

Paul Massey is one of the UK's most successful young  photographers {ever} and has been awarded countless prestigious awards for his work and professionalism all around the world. His career has been dramatic and varied and in a nutshell, he has photographed the who's who of the world! His talent has set him apart from the crowd since the very beginning, and his art and vision as an interior stylist is making long lasting waves in the interiors world.

Opting for weathered painted furniture instead of shiny new surfaces, this classic kitchen will have a life long lifespan of style and simplicity. Upcylcing and restoring is the future as it creates a feeling of warmth and substance which will sustain passing fads and add meaning to the environment in an personal manner.
 Paul's love of photography started at the tender age of five and he has not stopped since.
 His love affair and excellence at breathing new life and style into a property has made his work as a photographer merge effortlessly into the world of interiors and styling.

The addition of these old weathered shutters change the feel of the room completly. Small finds such as the little table and lamp are visually interesting and add a bit of an eclectic feel

The attic - a perfect work space, play room or chill out area

 Massey purchased this 5 bedroom Crouch End (leafy North London) in 2008 and spent almost £200 000 and seven months doing it up. Approaching his tenth renovation project differently,  he enlisted a project coordinator Mark Lewis and they tackled the house in one swift sweep.
Creating corners within rooms make the space more diverse and exciting

Instead of suffering the usual woes of renovation, Paul packed up his VW camper van and along with his ten year old daughter Daisy, they headed for France for an unforgettable and memory filled five week road trip!  (what a cool dad!)

Personal collections and variation are key features to add interest and intrigue.

 On this trip they visited various flea markets and came back with a stunning collection of  authentic vintage finds {such as Spanish sidra glasses and vintage enamelware from France} which defines his style, adding interest and flavour. Its this collection of personal taste that beautifully  brings the house to life in an otherwise neutral and white backdrop.

Adding softness with a shaggy rug and hessian inpired fabrics warms the overall look.

Sheer curtains let in the light making the room appear larger and serene.

Keeping it simple is the key to this look.

Grown up shabby in a nutshell!

The bathroom has a  modern flavour but is still in tone with the rest of the house. A neutral grey is used to add a modern twist with built in surfaces which echoes the Mediterranean feel.
The house is now used as a location shoot and can be rented at the following site..

Be sure to visit his website and work portfolio at

So there we go, keep your eyes open and dont be afaid to upcycle and add life back to old pieces, adding your own stamp to a truly authentic and eco-friendly interior!

Photography - Paul Massey