Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something beachy

The fact that I live on a Mediteranean Island is not something that happened by chance.

Ive always been drawn to the ocean and the whole surf culture of living (not that there are many waves here). The thing that inspired me the most was the relaxed way of living, the beautiful cool ambiance of beach living and of course the wonderful sunshine almost all year round.

Jeffreys Bay lifestyle!

When I was in my twenties, my biggest dream was to move to Jeffrey's Bay (the hottest surf spot in South Africa and my local hangout) and set up a little painted furniture business. Well fast forward twenty years and Im almost there! My workshop is filled with beautiful vintage finds and the painting has begun!

via Pinterest

beach attic perfect for holidays via Pinterest

My inspiration behind Something Blue Living, was to encapsulate the feeling of hot summer holidays, fresh cool linens and prints against a neutral beach shack backdrop , nothing forced, easy living with an element of vintage thrown into the equation.

Old beach cottage living

If you want that beach ambiance with you all day, I have to recommend my favourite perfume, Bobbi  Brown Beach......... it immediately transports you back to your youth, covered in suncream and playing with your buckets and spades at the seaside. Simply genius and works like a bomb! Just waiting for her to bring out the scented candles,, come on Bobbi!

Bobbie Brown Beach Perfume
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