Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Passion Seeds - my thoughts on blogging

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 Its 2am in the morning.

The village is silent and the hot air has cooled down a few degrees inviting a lovely fresh breeze. The doors and windows flung wide open as I sit at my sweet new desk in low light, banging away at the keyboard. This is where I am most days now, and my children have started to take advantage of the situation, as they come to ask me for ice- cream, knowing that if they pester enough while I’m working, I will eventually cave in. 

 I’m drifting around in my costume and sarong, my outfit of choice for the last few weeks as summers come early this year, welcomed by a heatwave.

 Its school holidays and I’ve been living in laa-laa land flitting around the globe getting to meet all my fellow BYW classmates, blissfully free from the normal school runs and motherly commitments;  giving me a few extra hours each day to learn more.

 The last two days of dry hot heat took me by surprise and held me captive indoors & lethargic, unable to work, unable to respond and unable to care.

 I’ve got an illustration to finish for one of my new friends from BYW and I start to feel slightly like I’ve let myself down {again} as its not finished yet. Normally I would bash myself up, but this time it feels different, as somehow I know they all understand.
I think about all the support and encouragement and enjoy the fact that I have met many lovely people along  the way, all the positive feedback and a sense of kindered spirit.

I try not to beat myself up and put things in perspective.. My thoughts turn first to a fellow BYW student in Colorado. She has been held ransom by a forest fire, watching hopelessly as her surrounding community  burns to the ground, threatening her family and testing her inner strength. 

She posted a statement of her current situation on the BYW Facebook page and has been inundated with good wishes and support, and is in everyone’s thoughts. She is sitting at home with her family, car stocked with treasured possessions and ready to leave at any second. I think about how tired and hot she must be, concerned for her children, being strong for the family.  They must be frightened like hell for the force of nature is like no other and no man is above it. 

I think about the lady who recently become one of my new likes on my fb page through BYW,  appealing to everyone to share a  missing child poster. I felt compelled to help her out when she reached out to the Chicago community to spread the photo of the missing girl {which was the daughter of her friend.}. and it worked, she was found.

Living in a time when social technology affects and interacts with your daily life, we need to become aware of the impact it has on our emotional happiness and remember to keep things in perspective, seeing it for what it really is and adding the correct amount of importance to it.

The internal questions never cease. Is it a hobby or a career? Is it an addiction? ? Is it time to relax a bit and ease the pressure of daily posts? Or should you just step away and  push the DELETE BLOG button?? 

The essence of blogging for me is like a journey of discovery. Quitting should never be an option, for if what you are blogging about touches your true purpose or passion, you are on the right track.
As we all walk forward adventurously and face the cyber world {that has the potential to swing either way}, being prepared and open to new encounters allow like minded people to connect and interact.

 Blogging in America has already become a massive commercial industry. With the likes of characters such Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” providing the stylish prototype of a role model, it’s as fashionable as Jimmy Choo’s and millions are doing it. Ladies such as  “Miss Mustard Seed” and “Holly Becker “ are household names, and their success is envied and copied by thousands who blog.   

The temptation to compare yourself with others is only natural and sometimes brings out the insecurities that many bloggers suffer from.
the gorgeous Holly Becker from Decor8
I believe successful Blogging is not about a topic, its a passion seed, a key to meeting a community of like minded people  from all over the globe. Whether you blog about Interiors, different kinds of butterflies  or Harley Davidson’s, its all about passion. 

I guess all bloggers have an adventurous spirit.  I like to seek out, my eyes alone provide with me enough stimulation and creativity, that even if I lived to 300, I would never run out of things to get excited about, documenting the experience and exploring your interests to lead you to the path you should be on.

Exploration is a very broad and evocative word but its not in the deed, but in the spirit, that leads me forward and takes me further and further into the understanding of fellow human beings and also myself.

All I can say is that Blogging your way has changed my perspective. Even though I’m still a freshman on the block.........I feel like I’ve arrived at the destination I feel comfortable with. It's somewhere I can truly be myself and indulge in my inner passions, not feeling pressure to conform, but instead create something special that I love most.

anthropologie addict........

 I don’t follow all the rules and Ive already got a bollicking from Miss Tartine Gourmande (so deserved it!,,,please visit her BEAUTIFUL site at http://www.latartinegourmande.com/,,,,) but I get carried away, usually in the middle of the night and promise myself I will do all the other stuff in the morning,, and then life takes over,, and it starts all over again.. I will get there eventually.  I don’t blog every day, but it doesn’t matter to me, as long as it stays fun I will be continuing on.

I have big dreams and this small blog has been the stepping stone into realising my ambitions and gaining the confidence to walk ahead and carry on. I guess I should just keep this blog private and use it as a personal journal, but the connection to the outside world, is what keeps it alive.