Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Trees

A strikingly easy and beautiful arrangement for Easter!
Ive been extremely lucky to make friends with some Swedish girls from my village. Its through them that Ive come to learn about the traditional Easter trees that they make every year in Sweden. The simplicity and symbolism alone a small reminder of a special family time that Easter usually brings.

 Using a budding blossoming twig from any tree, they decorate the arrangement by hanging colourful feathers and decorated eggs from the branches.

Its a great fun project to do with or without the kids! Ive started on mine but tomorrow I will get the kids to paint their eggs and hang them from the tree. Its a great way to preserve a small sentimental reminder from each year of the children aswell, remembering one special egg for each year, much like Christmas!

HAPPY painting and

Happy Easter!