Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something New - Loving Lula

Ive just got to the exciting point with my beautifully shabby dining room chairs, where it's almost time to bring in the fabric. To say that I spend most of my insomnia time browsing for beautiful fabrics is a slight understatement. I am by now an expert trawler of Etsy and Ebay on the hunt for "the one".

The gorgeous collection of Lula Fabrics from South Africa

Something to suite everyone's taste!

 Spending a few hours digging is as much enjoyable, but also frustrating at the same time. I now have literally thousands of images in my "fabric book" folder and I'm sure the weight of these alone are slowing down my computer!

There is a great gap in the market for truly beautiful, fresh and creative design.

Influences from various cultures as the design inspiration

I wanted something crisp and clean, with pattern, preferably white and blue, but it was hard to find!

LULA fabrics

I stumbled upon the most exquisite line of  fabrics and (strangely enough)  they are from my homeland, South Africa. It a nutshell they capture exactly the type of fabric and pattern that I fills the spirit.

One of my favourites from her new collection "The Silk Road"

The choice of colours and themes leave little to be added, but I'm sure the collection will keep on growing and producing vibrant and exciting design.

Classic beachy stripes in heavyweight fabrics

The head designer is Melissa Kerkhoff, an extremely talented and insightful artist and textile designer, whose small range has grown from strength to strength, and its only a matter of time before the label will become a household name.

In her own words,,

"Each of the Lula Collections captures this passion, and my desire for beautiful, functional fabrics that enliven the spirit and bring joy to the soul."

Ive been in talks with Melissa and hopefully Something Blue Living will soon become one of her stockists for the Balearic Islands,, SO thrilled!

If you want to have a peek at the whole collection (including beautiful ballet pumps, toiletry bags etc) be sure to visit them at


Enjoy! x