Monday, July 30, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award - No 1

 Well, the fact that I only have 19 followers slightly takes the pressure off the need to do as I say on this blog.

I promised to post my nominees for the One Lovely Blog on Sunday morning, but that was before I intercepted a truckload of furniture on its way to the dump, and was introduced to a beautiful 200 year old pair of Mallorcan wardrobes! To top it all off, we were on our way to the local flea market with the whole family. It turned out to be a spectacular day of treasure hunting as market was CRAMMED full of beautiful finds { like I had never seen before!}

We came home with 4 antique chairs and beautiful large aqua bottle from Ibiza! To say that the last two days has been a Olympic sprint in the whole plan for SB Living is an understatement. It seems like its taking on a life of its own and everything is starting to flow effortlessly, which I have never experienced before.

In fact, this morning I woke up excitedly with the cockerels as we are heading off this morning with an empty van to go and visit two warehouses in the neighbouring village!

ANYWAY! back to the awards..... the rules say you have to choose 15 blogs that you truly love and nominate them!

I will do this, but I don't think its fair to do them all at the same time....... Id like to shine some light on my favourites so will spread them out weekly and try and show you WHY I love them!

The 1st blog I am going to nominate is.......... drum roll............. no 1

Eleni from Crete

Eleni from Crete........ and her latest post

What I love about My Paradissi is that I always feel refreshed after visiting. Eleni has a great eye for style and her ability to lock into her local surrounds (OK,, she does have an advantage because she lives in one of the most beautiful islands in the world and makes us all GREEN with envy!) always pays off.

Beautiful Greece..

Inspiration from her Greek roots
I love her collection of photos and her hand designed "postage stamp" signature. She always manages to find the most beautiful locations to review and her inspiration comes from what she sees around her, lots of blues and whites, natural woods and white,  authentic Mediterranean flavour
Great collection of images!

She loves blue and white and finds inspiration from her surrounds

She has a great eye for creating beautiful collages
I love her hand made Feel Good Photo stamp
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and show some LOVE!