Friday, July 27, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

This week has just FLOWN by and its been full of  fun and surprises!

A heatwave has hit Mallorca this week and we've seen the temperatures reaching way up into the 35 degree mark, so most work has ground to a halt and instead everyone has gravitated towards the pool! Ive been hanging with all my favourite friends in the village and lovely visitors from Cape Town, so the house has been constantly buzzing.

My blog has however been the highlight of my crazy week as somehow in the space of a few days loads of visitors emailed me and my facebook page jumped past the 144 mark ( hey, the wait until 30 was agonizing so reaching 100 was like winning a marathon!)

The biggest compliment this week is from Anu from the beautifully designed and written blog "Decor Dots". If you havent already been, please drop by at

 Anu nominated Something Blue Living for the travelling "ONE LOVELY BLOG" award.

To accept that nomination you have to

1. Give credit to the blog who nominated you – that would be the multi-talented  Anu from DecorDots

2. Give 7 facts about yourself .

1- My lucky number is 8... I was born on the 8/8 and the Chinese believe that to be magic number!

2- I really feel like life begins at 40 (almost 41 so making the most of it!)

3- Im not embarassed to rescue disgarded furniture from the dump or sidewalk........

4- I wished for naughty children when I was younger and my wish came true.......

5-Beautiful textiles make me happy

6-Im in love with the mountain behind my village and dont think I can ever leave.

7-Im quite an internal rebel and dont always follow the

Im adding a number 8!

8- My husband thinks Im crazy and always shakes his head but the movie "Elf"  never fails to   make me laugh out loud!

and there we have it,,,,,,,,,now I have to nominate my lovely blog awards..which will appear on Sunday!