Friday, August 10, 2012

Saturday Swoon - Orchard Cottage

Beautiful Orchard cottage is located in the countryside of  Oxfordshire, England. The house encapsulates the essence of the principles behind something blue living, combining the four elements of old, new, borrowed and blue effortlessly,  creating a minimalist yet warm and inviting space.

Orchard cottage has been meticulously and sympathetically restored and refreshed, resulting in clean lines and a stylish yet lived in home. The element of natural light and use of natural materials such as wooden beams and floors, brings this beauty to life.

Painted wooden floorboards enlarge the space and create a flow to lead the eye.

The use of vintage finds such as this old crate used as a bookshelf , the vintage  blue lamp and antique chest adds character and weight to an otherwise neutral space.
Small splashes of colour in the way of textiles and accessories adds vibrancy and can be easily changed to swing the mood of the room. Having a variation of textures is another easy way to add interest and create mood.

A collection of personal and old items will ensure that this style stays authentic and interesting to the curious eye.

A classic vintage wrought iron bed, exposed wooden beams and a shabby  floral eiderdown
 and viola!

Natural light is key to creating the feel of this home. Windows are kept free from heavy curtains as it weighs down the look and keeps the light out.
Exposed wooden beams and wooden floors, with the addition of white creates a timeless classic.

Mixing old and new, such as this sought after mid-century side board and theses ultra modern lampshades, sit effortlessly next to one another for a unique style.

Keeping it simple is the key to copying this look. In this one shot we have all the elements of old, new, borrowed and blue without much effort at all, with a result that is pleasing on all levels.

A thoroughly modern living room that still ties in with the cottage feel with the use of a clever selection of accessories.
Splashes of colour such as this dramatic new  yellow lampshade add drama and intrigue changing the whole feel of the space, yet respecting the original forms.

Natural light, fresh flowers and a personal collection breathes life into an otherwise unused corner space.

The kitchen is keep minimal with the use of white and wood, a timeless combination that can change with the times.

This beautifully painted white cupboard sits comfortably in the kitchen and is used to cleverly store usual kitchen paraphernalia
This bathroom is one of my favourites!
The use of old wooden panels in the otherwise minimal white bathroom is the distinguishing feature that brings this bathroom to life. Modern bathroom furniture, combined with a selection of Moroccan inspired lanterns and clean white tiles and floors marry together for a perfectly simple and easy look.

The use of the old farm style door and wooden table to house the basin is so simple, yet undeniably stylish and cool!

Using a variation of textures will add depth and interest to any room.

Painted white floorboards and a selection of old and new combines to effortlessly create a lived in shabby style that is not too feminine.

Its all in the details.. adding a few key accessories is all you need to put your personal stamp on a room.
If you would like to hire Orchard Cottage as a location for a photographic shoot click on the link below


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