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 I stumbled across this little gem a while ago! What a fantastic idea for all mothers!
We all have those moments when we just love those little one liners that they all come out with, or even a perfect gift for granny to pen memories of past..all in all this little book can become part of the history of a family! I know facebook rules now, but theres still no better than seeing and touching hand written script written with LOVE!

Dont waste time, order it now at

and now there is one for moms especially! great!

The majority of my friends in the village have been working on super yachts, either cheffing or as a head stewardess. Once you have savoured their gastronomic achievements it leaves you inspired to attempt something great in the kitchen. Making everything from scratch is the key and following recipes can sometimes feel like a chore because half the time we just want to open the book and its there, with this clever little set, it can be easily achieved!

This bold and beautiful card set is available from and is meant to help you bookmark all your favourite recipes, enabling you to find them in a second! 

These come in a set of 100 bookmarks and are made from hard card! At £10 its a must!
20cm H and 10cm wide

Lovely as a birthday or Christmas present for all our cheffy friends!

I just love these cardboard cut out wall displays,, totally fresh and original, it also provides you with a good bit of puzzle solving as they come flat packed and you have to follow the instructions to bring them to life.

These photos do not do them any justice, you have to see them on a white wall to appreciate their vibrancy and element of fun!

I need one of these as Im always losing my keys! What a sweet and lovely key holder

Birds are so trendy right now! You can buy these at


  1. I've got a reindeer on my wall and it's fantastic! Not one person walks into the room without noticing it with a very positiv coment!

  2. Dont I love your reindeer!!! thanks TinTin for introducing me to this fab company!


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