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 Dreamy Whites
Dreamy Whites

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Take a look around the garden to find bits and pieces of old furniture that lay abandoned. 

Often the items with the most character are those that you find by chance. 

This outdoor  bench has been painted roughly with white and then highlighted with a light turquoise blue. 

The level of distressing will depend on what you want the final piece to be used as, in this case an occasional seat at the front door!



boys and their toys

Boys will love this old Coca-Cola bottle crate as its the perfect way to store all their beloved cars! Easy access and great storage solution!



                          GRANNIE SLOAN

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Its time to raid granny's attic!!!

The modern attempts to copy antique furniture just does not do it any justice!

 There is no need to spend a lot of money on vintage inspired furniture when its so simple and rewarding to do it oneself.

This lovely French side table has been given new life with a brush of the best furniture paint in the world!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is truly revolutionary in her fresh new approach to painting practically anything!

Her paint is water based, very low VOC's and come in a range of beautiful blendable colours! This subtle shade of purple will tie in with any palette, whether its a little girls room or mixed with a blended of neutrals, such as greys and beiges, its perfect for injecting a little bit of character and life without being overbearing.

Annie Sloans paint can be used to paint over practically anything, without sanding or priming,

To get this lovely shade, use HENRIETTA, a lovely vibrant pink based hue that can be toned up or down to adjust the colour.

find it here at

ps......... the GR in Grannie,, stands for GREAT


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