Blue for girls can be just as pretty! This painted drawer set and grannies old crocheted blankie goes perfectly alongside the funky large letter, uplifting the room and defining its character!

A neutral palette can be updated easily with a choice of funky wallpaper and few personal collections to call your own!

For a small room, keeping it as simple as possible doesnt have to be boring! Floral fairy lights create a magical feel and are a great way of adding a little nightlight.

Mint and pink, a colour palette from the fifties that's making a huge comeback!

This has to be one of my favourite little girls rooms! I just love the combinations used here, also the fact that the floor is not white (lets face it, most floors are not!) the room retains the romantic feel with the combination of elements of past and present, adding personal taste to complete the feel and creating a magical space for a girl of any age!

One feature wall (equals one tin of paint!) is enough to dramatically change the mood of a room beautifully!

The use of a gentle colour on the shutters and door creates a relaxed and feminine touch!

For the girly girl! This canopy style bed is easily achieved with a few metres of pretty fabric!

I love the use of personal collections from past and present to marry together this lovely mauve inspired bedroom!

A soft blue wall and floor makes this room tranquil and relaxing and can easily be updated for either sex or age!

Remembering that little ones love to play we should always leave some room for their favourite activities! Looking around for sweet storage solutions and displaying their toys beautifully will help them to order their rooms accordingly! {MAYBE}

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White with primary colours, always a clever choice when you have boys and girls. Red white are stimulating and vibrant and completly unisex, perfect if you plan on more than one!

This old medicine cabinet creates a vibrant focul point for this little girls room, perfect for displaying all those special girly treasures!

Every child needs a chalkboard to scribble away at and doodle! what a perfect idea for creating something quirky, recycled and fun!

Who says girls only like pink?? Pale blue and white create a very calming and feminine touch and can be easily livened up with a few bright accessories.

Babies relax in a calm and neutral environment which aids in their sleep patterns. Having a soothing room to feed and change will also keep mom happy!  Stimulation should not be overloaded and can be provided with a simple mobile, or even a pattern in the fabric such as these gorgeous balloon curtains.

Toys alone provide a lot of colour and pattern against a neutral backdrop. The simplicity of white will never fail to please!

Using beautiful and patterned wallpapers cleverly can save a fortune, and also be changed quite easily without too much fuss and expense. Here different wallpapers have been pasted onto existing cupboards, but you can use them in many interesting ways to add a small burst of pizzaz to any room.

Lets face it, besides the obvious nautical and robot themes, boys rooms are more difficult to decorate than girls. Try keeping it fairly neutral and interesting by being creative and using your childs current interests in the accessories department, an easy way to accomodate those fleeting phases!

Pretty in pink,, if you have a girly girl,, why not go all the way and paint a piece of furniture in her favourite shade of pink, it will accompany her well into her teens and she might even decide to take it with her when she finds her own apartment!

If you have a tomboy (like mine!) purple is always a good choice as it is can be both feminine and masculine depending on what you combine it with. Although not a smidge of pink is in sight, this room is still pretty and sweet!.

A beautifully neutral shade of blue that can be used for both boys and girls,, one key feature like a colourful bed is enough in a neutral room to create an instant look without having to spend a fortune and can be easily updated with accessories as they grow!

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