Fresh flowers against a blank white canvas, simple and beautiful!
White shutters and wooden floor a beautiful combination for a tranquil bedroom.

Keeping a neutral background means you can easily change the feel of the room with simple accessories like pillows and throws.
Lilac and mint green is a great option if you dont want to go too romantic!
For those hot summer nights! With a simple statement canopy like this you need little else in the room to create your cool haven.

Having a white room is extremely calming, but can sometimes lack warmth that a bedroom should provide, a space to unwind and relax.  Here this problem is solved by the clever choice of wallpaper and slight variations in texture provided by the chair and accessories.

A simple white background made extremely luxurious by the choice of lighting and focal point curtains,,, just LOVE this space!

Beautiful linens and bedding make all the difference!

Perfect plan for a summer house attic for all those extra friends and family!

Gorgeously upholstered fabric headboard from Lula Fabrics (South Africa)

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