Ceramica Blue

All my life Ive had an incredible weakness for decorative and functional ceramics. The thought of serving anything in pretty little bowl or hand painted platter, immediately makes the dish that is being served seem much more special and looks super stylish.

I am going to dedicate a page specifically for ceramics as its one of my favourites! I will also upload some of  my own ceramic designs that I did when I was working from my studio,, but first I have to get a decent camera so I can style it properly! 

I particularly love the intensities of Turkish ceramic design as their use of bright bold colour make their work delightful to look at. South Africa has also got a very creative ceramic culture and the contemporary ceramics emerging from there are simply stunning, combining folklore and pattern.

I found these little delights from my favourite shops anthropologie

so simple and so beautiful,, an easy project for a day at a pottery painting studio!

Love this colour! another great find from Anthropologie.com

                                                       Vintage Teacups!

Well, by now Im sure its old news, but having an appreciation for things from the past is something that keeps sentimentality alive. Although we may not always like the "old" style of how things used to be, but reinventing them to produce other items is not only satisfactory within yourself but also installs social consciousness in how we decorate.

A vintage Wedgewood Design..love it!

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