Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday Swoon - Dordoyne, France

When you hear the word shabby, France immediately springs to mind. Saturated by beautiful old manor houses and cottages, its a dream location to live the shabby dream, or just visit to scour the many markets and snap up some truly original French fares.

The old farmhouse

This couples story seems similar to ours, when a spontaneous trip abroad changed their paths forever. Being city slickers from London they were taken by suprise when they fell in love with the French countryside on a work weekend getaway.

She being a pharmacist and him a builder, they were city dwellers that had no inclination to move again. The trip away changed their paths forever. They fell in love with the simplicity of farm life and healthy living.  They bought a run down old farmhouse with tower and barn and started to live their dream.

 Built in the early 18 century the house is bursting with character and typical French features. The stone walls and floors, beautiful fireplaces are all original and restored features. Modern additions have been kept to a minimal and come in the form of products such as the bathroom fittings and kitchen etc.

The orginal fireplace and beams create the focal points for this gorgous sitting room.

Textures and colours mix easily and the tone of the entire house is calm and relaxed. Beautiful French finds from markets sit along side family heirlooms and the style is totally original.

The exposed beams and pale grey wooden floors provide a perfect base from which to work from.

Perfect entertainment for rainy afternoons!

 The interior has been loving restored and decorated with a slightly more grown up and realistic shabby feel, giving it warmth and a real lived in feeling.

A touch of blue to add a bit of character and colour..

An old chest provides a sweet table for a reading corner
Sererne and easy to maintain!

The modern bath fits perfectly with the original stone inset shelf, just lovely!

One of the many bedrooms, simple farmhouse style. Old suitcases provide clever storage and add to the shabby feel.

The girls bedroom is feminine and stylish with old Victorian bedframes and an antique rocking horse.

The colour palette in the kitchen remains neutral even with the addition of modern elements.

The kitchen has a modern feel as the chairs and units are new but it does not interupt the farmhouse feel as items are chosen wisely to inject some interest and colours are kept in form with the surrounds.

This modern fireplace does not look out of place and provides the burst of heat that is needed to warm a massive stone building such as this.

An old chalkboard provides the perfect solution for the coat rack.

Simple and stylish
  The farm has also been restored to its former glory and is now a thriving business, being totally organic and boasting cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, two ponies, pheasants and pigeons! All their produce is farmed ecologically and no chemicals are used at all.

Photography by Brent Darby


  1. This is a spectacular reform, I love it ! I like your Saturday swoons you seem to find treasures to feature every time!

  2. This is such a beautiful home. My heart skipped a beat with every photo! Just dropped by your blog through BYW2, I'm catching up with coursework and I keep getting distracted by the forum!

  3. Glad you love it girls,, I always know which home to feature as it does literally stop me in my tracks every time! Lyndsayx

  4. Beautiful! Love everything about this house! Great post ;)

  5. What a beautiful place to live and raise a family! I'm especially in love with the great big fireplace and rough wood ceiling beams. A BYW girl ~xoblenda

  6. Oh wow! What a place to grow up! The photographs are amazing. I need to go check out Brent Darby's website - his photography is amazing!

  7. Oh so Gorgeous! I love staying in B&B that are restored farm houses. I would LOVE to run away and buy a place in France - in fact, I really could move into this one and live very happily! A great post. Makes me miss living in Europe : (

  8. Oh is that beautiful!!! I would move in right away... :) Lyndsay, I loved your post at the BYW homework forum - so well said and written! Anette

  9. Thanks so much! I adore this home too!


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