Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday Swoon - Formentera

It's Saturday again and I just cant keep away from Formentera!

 One of the smallest and most southerly Balearic Islands  (Spain), its most famous for its beautiful crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. Cars are generally a no-no and most people get around this tiny island with bicycles or on foot.

Multi- leveled terraces and wooden decking to link the house to the pool creates a laid back and soft feel.
 Casa (house in Spanish) Rita was a former farm in the countryside of Cap de Barberia, and was converted in 2008. It  lies on an enormous field plot surrounded by multi-level terraces and a spectacular pool area with views to the sea.

It is a traditional Spanish finca and retains most of the original elements such as wooden beams and fireplaces. Although this conversion was almost 4 years ago, the feel is still contemporary as a timeless classic has been created with the use of  a neutral and natural backdrop working around the orginal features.

Colour is introduced with the use of bold textile accessories and the theme can be updated without much expense.

 Old  furniture has been upcyled to produce a truly rustic Spanish feel. Small injections of colour such as the green bottles and yellow armrests on the chairs create enough interest and variation to lead your eye around the room.

  The living room features a large fireplace with an upstairs loft and a door that connects to the outside.

Interior spaces are open to the exterior with the use of large windows which invite beautiful sea views and cool breezes from the ocean.

 The combination of all the rustic elements juxtaposed with bold use of colour and texture makes this Mediterranean Villa  the perfect holiday getaway. Housing 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, Casa Rita promotes a feeling of of rest and revitalisation.

Something BLUE,  simple rustic painted furniture against a smooth light concrete floor keeps the space open and leads the eye outside.

The typical  Mediterranean use of plastered walls and beamed ceilings; combined with the use of wood furnishings and concrete flooring give this home a modern yet rustic feel. Colour is introduced with the use of beautiful textiles and traditional tiling creating a modern look that can be updated without much expense as time goes on.

The kitchen is minimalist and rustic at the same time, using upcylced timber panelling to add warmth and rustic charm to an otherwise modern space..

Bedrooms are kept minimal and interesting textiles define the otherwise neutral background. Large windows and doors bring in lots of light and link the interior to the outside naturally.

Most old Spanish houses have some patterned tiling, working with the design using textiles and furniture will add character and old charm naturally.

Relaxing reading corner bringing in bolts of modern flavour and a new colour theme to create an adult sitting area.

Dining al fresco.......during the long summer most dining takes place outside under a covered porch. Here the reads over the wooden beams create an easy living style that is also a reflection and continuation of the table. The addition of a modern, yet organic lighting connects the two elements to reflect modern rustic living.

Photography - Jordi Canosa


  1. It's the perfect place to spend the rest of my life! :)

  2. What a lovely place! Wish I could be there!!

    Stopping by from BYW 2.0


  3. Makes me so wanting to be there... Love, Anette

  4. Makes me so wanting to be there... Love, Anette

  5. What a lovely place. I love places where no cars are aloud. incredible. Teri

  6. This is the perfect place to relax. Great style, I simply Love it!
    xo, FrauSchmitt

  7. Such gorgeous photos, and I love those pillows on the outdoor bench. I've been thinking of trying that color combination (lovely light pinks with darker shades), and now I'm going for it. Thank you for inspiring me.

    1. I love the colour schemes aswell!
      There are some more pink palettes on my facebook page, I especially love the colourful wicker chairs I posted yesterday! GORGEOUS COLOUR! LIVING WITH COLOUR IS SO UPLIFTING!

  8. ohhhh I could move into any one of these rooms. Love that tile pattern with the tablecloth.

    1. The original tiles are beautiful! I am preparing a post on tiles as I have a slight obsession with colour and pattern! Dont you just love how the talecloth and old tiles just go together so perfectly!

      something old, something new!


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