Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Blue.....

Its one of those days here on the island.

The crickets are singing in the heat of the afternoon, its too hot to venture outside and most of us have retreated indoors for an afternoon nap.

Clothes have been replaced by bikini's and sarongs......
Duvets now packed away and replaced by thin sheets.......

 Children run naked all day as they dip in and out of the pool's cool waters; and keep up  the routine right until the sun sets at 9 or 10pm......and then its pool lights on for a moonlight dip!

All meals move outside under the porch and exotic fruits fill the fridge.

 Ive been using the kids nap times {ie passed out in front of Toy Story} to catch up on my collage practice....this is my first attempt at everything summery at my very favourite online store, anthropologie.com

Alfresco dining at anthropologie


  1. The way you describe your day really makes me feel like I'm also in some place with hot sun and warm breeze and it's so nice! We have had cold rain and cool temperatures for the last 3-4 days, so I can't wait to change my sweaters for bikini! :)

  2. Great! where are you in the world?? I love everything about summer living, the only good thing about winter is you have more time indoors to browse some lovely blogs out there! hope the rain stops! lyndsayx

    1. I'm in Estonia :) Fortunately it seems that the weather is getting little bit warmer here also, fingers crossed for bikini weather for next week!


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