Saturday Swoon

Although this beautiful home is  in Melbourne Australia, you would never know it, as its the perfect reflection of a Mediterranean influence and culture.

The arched doorway is actually a cleverly placed mirror!

 With a beautiful lime washed white effect, { typically Italian and Spanish influences} the combination of exotic palms and plants,  and the rustic wooden furniture from various travels, the home works on all levels creating an all over aesthetic pleasure. The personal sentiments included  reflect the past and the present in perfect harmony, and is a reflection of the owners passions, travels and style.

The futuristic combination of including new designer wares placed alongside traditional woods and personal artifacts, marries the look together without looking out of place; and still satisfies the owner as it includes sentimentality and history.

The home belongs to Giovanni Mangano and Tory Flanigan. Giovannie says "with a neutral backdrop, you can try different things together and it still works,"

The elaborate and beautiful portal from Rajasthan is hundreds of years old and works beautifully with the PP Mobler "Flag Halyard" chair.

Scattered around the house are heirlooms from their grandmothers passed down to remind them of their roots and family.

The brown coloured  wrought iron gates are a continuation of the wood theme from inside.
photography Mark Roper Styling Glen Proebstel

This home is like a wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert and has a really relaxing and refreshing impact.

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