Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ceramica Blue - Chantal Cesure

I came across this talented artist this morning on Pinterest. Her use of blue and white glaze on stoneware, with fine lines and patterns make her ceramics simply stunning and intriguing.

Inspiration from nature

Her work is showcased at the Mostra Gallery in Moustiers France, curated by  Sylvie Alès.

The Mòstra de l'Estela, situated close to the Roman church in one of Moustiers’ quiet alleyways, is a haven of calm lit by the beauty of the ceramics, the work of craftsmen, of artists. The village of Moustiers is a natural and ideal place to visit after an adventure in the gorges of the Verdon or after bathing in the soothing waters of the Sainte Croix lake.

Moustiers Sainte-Marie is located at the entrance of the gorges du Verdon, the deepest canyon in Europe. The geographical location is a major tourist attration for the village. The beautiful turquoise waters and wild natural landscape makes it a hub for artists as the natural beauty provides instant inspiration and colour lust.

The eternal countryside in the foothills of the Cévennes, nature quivering on Chantal’s earthenware, ever present. 

In her words “I work at my ceramic creations as one would put together a clothes collection.”

For a long time she made fabric and cloth, a world away from ceramics but one that she still cherishes and which does not cease to inspire her. The passion of flowers, of plants, the life that gave birth to the roses, iris and ipomoea, eglantines and peonies on the soft, satin-like enamel of her first creations.
Today, beautiful pieces in stoneware adorned with batik or the triumphant indigo of “tie-dye”, revealing her fascination with Africa. “I am exploring blue slowly, wanting to play with its different facets and cultures in my own way”.

Poetry surrounds this artist as she signs her pieces, “Louis Louise émoi”.

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  1. Waow, those are really stunning!

  2. Gosh that's gorgeous! Would make great hostess or wedding gifts wouldn't they? Teri


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