Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Swoon - California

Today's Saturday Swoon is the beautiful home of one of the most talented moms- turned- bloggers- turned stylist- turned- interiors icon!

Dreamy whites doing what she does best! Chandeliers and cool linens

Reflections and Collections
Maria Carr is the epitome of a new evolution of super moms emerging from the bloggersphere.
Not only is she the beautiful wife of a Northern Californian  horse rancher  (yes ladies, a real life gorgeous cowboy to call her own!), but she is also mother to five beautiful children and a farm full of horses.  As if that is not enough to deal with the demands of motherhood, home making & full time home school teacher  {.....I'm exhausted just thinking about that!) she is also  slowly joining the ranks of the new range of young Martha Stewards emerging from of America.

A beautiful old wardrobe that has received a new life with a coat of paint.
Key trend - old doors and shutters
Her work floats effortlessly through the pages and likes of Pinterest, Style Files Decor8 and Houzz as she is regularly featured and recognisable by her  trademark  French Farmhouse style, which is  slowly revolutionising the way people decorate their homes.

She started collecting antique and vintage treasures that she uses in a modern and stylish twist and methodology to recreate the feel of an old  french farmhouse {deep  in the heart of  American Country Living.}

 Showcasing her home on her blog has led her to be recognised as a key trendsetter in the land of interiors. {One night I sat googling until all the hours collecting images of the type of interiors I want to feature in  my Emagazine, when it suddenly dawned on me when I linked back to the source that all the images I loved, were hers!}

I think her biggest success as a blogger is her ability to remain salt of the earth-like and she is not afraid to share her journey of discovery and success, sharing her "secrets" with her like minded fans.

I really couldn't tell you all the features, interviews and invitations she has received to feature her style and teach others how to upcycle & recycle and to bring back the beauty in aged pieces incorporating them in a way to  live daily with pieces of history.

I just LOVE this green colour and the lilac bottle beautiful!
Her key trend that is making big movement is her use of old doors and shutters as a source of impact without intrusion. Used purely as a means to inject character and old charm, old doors are suddenly disappearing from the dumpsters as they are being snapped up by Annie Sloan junkies!)

Grain sack accessories and crystal chandeliers are one of her key influences.
The second trend that she is partly responsible for implementing is the use of vintage grain sacks for use in upholstery and also soft furnishings and home accessories. The success of this trend has led to the introduction of an online shop (that she runs with her sister) which sells hand made home furnishings and vintage pieces, but also a source of organic lavender.

Her girls lovely feminine but calming bedroom.

Magazines editors and stylists are realising the potential of this lady and her latest feature in the new book "NEW COTTAGE STYLE" is  proof.

She makes her own colours which are impossible to reproduce with anything else out there, but the very BEST thing is she shares her paint recipes! my NBF!

This beautiful blue cupboard was her defining moment into the launch of her career as an interior stylist.

Discarded old furniture and coloured enamelware for the very basic necessity of shabby.

An old chair painted and reupholstered to merge effortlessly into the room.
An old rusted jug and some fresh fresh and breathtaking

Industrial meets shabby with these cool vintage metal chairs which can be used inside or out!
The online shop now stocks a gorgeous array of french inspired accessories for the home such as these delightful lavender drawer bags.

SHOP Dreamy Whites at

AND............. buy the latest BETTER HOMES book called "New Cottage Style" which features her most recent work at

PHOTOGRAPHS copyright to Maria Carr - Dreamy Whites

and............ as I think her blog is JUST LOVELY I would like to nominate Dreamy Whites as my 2nd
"ONE LOVELY BLOG" nomination!

I really admire her passion and  love of decorating. She has a great "eye" and her work truly stands out from the crowd. The way in which she is educating her children by introducing them to the world of business and passion,  her love of animals and her down to earth manner is truly inspirational and visiting her blog you always linger longer!


  1. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of Maria's home. I've followed her blog for quite a while, now, and just like you I adore her power to manage combining family life and establishing her business.
    I like the way you present her very much, her style is just adorable.

    xo, FrauSchmitt

    1. Thank you! Yes, one very talented lady indeed! So much talent and skill! Lyndsayx

  2. I will check out her blog. I love white linen slipcover look! The interior decor style is much like Rachel Ashwell who is the creator of that look. I've been following Rachel for years! Teri

    1. Hi Teri

      Thanks for the tip, will check out her blog, dont know the name but probably will the photo's!


  3. Thanks for sharing information on decorating the better homes and gardens.


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