Saturday, September 22, 2012

Something different.. for a while!

As I'm in the throes of another international move.......this time back to my home country South the exquisitely beautiful Cape in the bloggersphere is having to take a little back seat for the time being!

All that means is that I'm going to change my style of blogging and instead of writing too much, I will be sharing loads more of inspiring interiors pictures. The next few months is going to be all about finishing up my pieces of furniture, styling and photographing to get the shots before I leave this magical island!.

If you would like some other daily inspiration, head over to my PINTEREST and facebook page which is {something blue living }and enjoy the daily shares such as these above!

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  1. Wow. Good luck with the new journey. Already looking forward to see the new projects. We will miss you in the meantime.


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